9874 Hwy U.S. 79 North Panola Texas 75685

Inside is nice and cozy for new moms and their babies.

Inside is safe and secure for new moms and their babies.

This is the entrance to the nursery where babies are born and potential owners can visit.

All the buildings have doggy doors leading to outside enclosures with covered decks so they  are able to go outside in any kind of weather, but can still lay in the  sun on nice days. 

Inside the houses they have thermostatically controlled gas wall heaters to keep them warm in the winter. Air conditioning is in all the buildings to keep them cool on these hot summer days here in Texas. None of Poodles or Pomeranians are caged or confined, other than when a mom has a litter. Then the girls don't want to go anywhere unless its outside for a potty break and some exercise.

Pomeranian House